NCARE – Jordan

The National Center for Agricultural Research and Extension (NCARE) is a semi–autonomous institution and a leading center for research and extension in Jordan.

It houses most agricultural research, projects and extension activities.

NCARE is the supportive pillar for agricultural sector to achieve sustainability, protect the environment and achieve food security.

Research departments and units are:

  • Horticulture agriculture research
  • Plant protection research
  • soil ,Water & environment research
  • Livestock,  rangeland  &forestry research
  • Socio- economic studies research
  • Bee research
  • Biodiversity , genetic resources & medicinal herbal plant research
  • Field crops research
  • Olive research
  • Biotechnology unit
  • Drought monitoring unit
  • Laboratories department
  • Geographic information system unit
  • Seed technology unit
  • Intellectual property right protection unit
  • National Library 


Extension Directorates:

  • Extension  programs
  • Information and farm management
  • Training
  • Awareness & mass media

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