Discussion on wastewater storage facility to be used in ACCBAT Jordan

Ramtha. June 2014

Upon invitation of ACCBAT National Coordinator, staff members of ACCBAT project TC gathered today 25th of June 2014 at NCARE headquarter in Ramtha, in order to discuss available options for water storing and identify best facility to be installed at NCARE experimental station next to Ramtha WWTP and subsequently at the farmers’ selected locations.
The meeting is chaired by ACCBAT National Coordinator, Ibrahim Bashabsheh, and the participants are irrigation specialists Mohammad Mudabber and Luna Al Hadidi, and general agronomist Berardo da Schio.
Different water storage facilities have been considered to be installed in the framework of ACCBAT project, namely earth pond, corrugated galvanized stainless steel and plastic pillow.
Pros and cons have been enumerated and cautiously considered in view of the intended use (storage of wastewater to be used in restricted agriculture). A summary of such decisional process is presented in the table attached.

Results of further discussion and market investigations brought to the final decision of selecting a corrugated galvanized stainless steel structure lined with plastic mulch as water storage facility to be installed and tested in NCARE experimental station in Ramtha. Particularly, with the purpose of minimizing evaporation losses and formation of algae in the stored water, a shading fabric is intended to cover the water tank.

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