Activity 5

Enhance public awareness on water saving, the reuse of treated wastewater in agriculture, and environmental issues

  • Establishment of a Project web-site
  •  preparation of dissemination materials related to water saving, reuse of tww, and environmental issues focusing on different target groups
  •  invitation of civil society actors and decision makers to project events (farmers field days, seminars/workshops, classes)
  •  preparation of presentations and publications derived from the project results
  •  dissemination of project results through local and regional print and broadcast media
  •  preparation and distribution of final report to all interested stakeholders


Expected outputs:

  • Project web-site established and regularly updated
  • 30 field visits and information sessions for schools, universities, and municipality council members at the pilot sites (10 / country)
  • 3.000 copies of brochures distributed
  • 300 copies of project final report published and delivered
  • Acceptance of use of tww in agricultural by the general public

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