MoA Lebanon

In Lebanon, Ministry of Agriculture is the institution in charge of planning and conducting agricultural extension on a national scale, with the responsibility to guarantee sustainability and dissemination of innovative technology and solutions and conduction of training measures on a larger scale. Moreover the Ministry of Agriculture is the institution developing and implementing the National Agricultural Master Plans (NAMPs) and defining policies in a national context. The MoA has included the issues of water-use efficiency and increased use of treated wastewater for agricultural irrigation in the long-term NAMPs and has the capacity to implement measures recommended based on project results on a larger scale after project termination. The partner is recognized by the farmers in the target areas, can build on its experience and capacities to mobilize the target groups and other national stakeholders, and has the capacity to disseminate the project results. It has the legal mandate, technical expertise, and human resources to guarantee successful project implementation and sustainability.

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