MoA Tunisia DG GREE

Ministère de Agriculture – Direction Générale de Génie Rural et de l’Exploitation des Eaux

The partner DG GRRE is one of the Departments of the Ministry that has the mandate to provide agricultural extension services and training related to agricultural irrigation to farmers on a national scale, disseminating in this way innovative agricultural technologies and solutions.

DG GRRE is also involved in the issue from a legislative point of view, being the national institution entitled to prepare and propose laws and regulations related to the promotion and the development of the agricultural sector and use of the conventional and non-conventional hydraulic resources. The DG GREE is already responsible for management of large perimeters irrigated with treated WW and will bring its experience in the sector in the project

More in details DGGREE has the following functions :

  • The analysis and improvement of the policies to be implemented in water use domain (rational use of water, preservation of existing potential water resources, cost recoveries, empowering users …)
  • Preparation and proposal of laws and regulations (with others partners), relating to the promotion and development of the use of conventional and non-conventional water resources
  • Planning, study and implementation of irrigation use or drinking use of water resources in rural areas projects
  • Management of irrigated areas with conventional and treated wastewater (TWW)
  • Monitoring and control of studies and projects managed at regional level by 24 CRDA
  • Preparation of content of media awarness and education
  • Training and education of technicians and farmers to rationalize the use and management of water
  • Introduction  of innovative agricultural technologies and solutions
  • Promotion of  Water Users Associations
  • Programming and monitoring of evaluation actions relating to water infrastructure and equipement implemented in rural areas
  • Water Tarification

DGGREE and its relating services at regional level are recognized by farmers in all target areas, it has experience and capacity to mobilize target groups and other national stakeholders.

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