ACCBAT Study tour in Italy: Reggio Emilia and Milan, 20-25 July 2015

ACCBAT Study tour in Italy: Reggio Emilia and Milan, 20-25 July 2015

Between the 20th and 25th of July, the partners from the Lebanon, Jordan and Tunisia of the ACCBAT Project joined one of the most interesting and training activities of the project travelling to Italy. The main goal of this journey was to train project’s partners showing them the most relevant experiences on wastewater reuse in some Italian regions.

Thanks to the interactive programme, they could see how Italy works in terms of wastewater treatment and reuse and how the use of treated wastewater in agriculture is a sustainable alternative for many irrigation communities facing water shortages every year.

During the week, the ACCBAT project was presented to Italian personalities from research centres, reclamation consortium and agricultural associations. The project was also presented in the Lebanese, Jordanian and Tunisian pavilion and that of the European Union in EXPO Milan 2015.

The tertiary wastewater treatment plants of Mancasale (Reggio Emilia) and of Nosedo (Milan) have been visited and the exchange of experience and recommendations among all the participants and the researchers and technical personnel involved in plants management, represented a great opportunity to increase knowledge on water treatment and reuse techniques.

During the week, visits to farms using efficient methods of irrigation applied to different crops also took place and an international overview on agricultural irrigation for food production was possible thanks to the visit of EXPO Milan 2015.

Thus, during the visit, the participants gained experience about the treatment and use of waste water and agricultural techniques in Italy and at the international level.

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